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The Guardians Of The Divine: Readability Score 75 – Age: 11+

Cover The Guardians Of The Divine

The Guardians Of The Divine

When an innocent 6-year-old boy named Trisch was scourging for food. He finds himself hunted and eventually abducted from his small village by a mysterious creature. As his life is propelled into a strange magical Eden, where legendary angelic creatures hide and await to offer their wisdom to mankind. Trisch soon begins training as a member of the Guardians of the Divine to deliver their dogmatic divinity to all the inhabitants of the realm of light and dark.

Judgements Wrath cover

Judgments Wrath (Coming Soon!)

War brutally rages on between the Fallen and the Arc Spirits. Evil is everywhere as the armies of virtue and sin reach a stalemate on the battlefield. Trisch and the Guardians of the divine must travel behind enemy lines to recover the Father of Light’s everlasting resurrection blessing. For this assignment, they will need to acquire assistance from a mysterious group of renegades called the Untamed Sin.

Oblivion's Call cover

Oblivion’s Call (Coming Soon!)

Maliebris’s armies continue to close in on the North Bastion of Solace. With the Arc Spirits in disarray, their armies begin to dwindle. As the callous Fallen lords relentlessly expand their territory. When new Fallen lords’ are awarded new temples. The future seems bleak, with shadows of evil surrounding every corner of the realm. To avoid total Armageddon, the Guardians must unite all known forces and make friends with foes before time comes to an abrupt end.