Do you have what it takes? Here you can apply to become a member of Guardianship of the Divine.

What is a Guardian of the Divine?
In the Fall of Echoes fantasy novels, the Guardians of the Divine are pure-hearted and morally honest people. They have taken an oath to protect the goodwill of all and help others achieve peace within.

We don’t live in a fantasy world and we are far from perfect, but we can still strive to be. The survey below is the first step to becoming a Guardian of Divine recruit. To apply, simply fill out the questionnaire below. If your survey is approved, you will be sent a welcome letter and a certificate of acceptance to be an apprentice of the Guardianship of Divine. Be warned! if your application is rejected you may be identified as a Fallen Spirit and your Fallen master will be revealed.

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How old are you?
What is your greatest strength
What is most important to you?
What would you do if you won the lottery?
If you were trapped in a Fay-Trog pit what item would you use to protect yourself?
What is the most important virtue?
Your best friend betrays you, what do you do?
What would you do if you found a cosmic mask?
Someone at school or work makes fun of you, what do you do?
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You will be identified by an ID number and alis name you give below.
Your alis name will be your identify on social media and email communications. (Bad language or profanity will not be processed.)
First name or name you would like to be on a certificate of acceptance. (*Your name and email will not be shared.)

Sample of approval certification dimensions 14 inch x 11 inch.

Apply to become a member of Guardianship of the Divine.