The Fall of Echoes echocyclopaedia contains information on all branches of knowledge and references in the Fall Of Echoes Series. Please note spoilers or plot forecasting will not be found on this page of knowledge. This web page only covers Mythos: Past, Chronicles: 1-3.(The Guardians Of The Divine, Judgments Wrath, and Oblivion’s Call.)

Fallen Races of Humanoid

Danderith – The first humanoid cast into the realm of Light and Dark. They featured only four fingers and were covered in thick hair. Their form was designed from a three-paced tall ancient primate creature. Over millions of cycles, they evolved in size, growing up to fifteen paces due to the limited oxygen content in the planet’s atmosphere. During the time of the Guardians of the Divine, rumors of their existence still endured in the deep forests of Trie. Legends from the Kahookia tribes. They called them Giganto-pit giants of Trie.

Nanderith (Nah) – After a cataclysmic event, plants became radioactive and too toxic for the Danderith to survive. They mutated into a smaller race called the Nanderith. They are covered in dense dark hair, stand between four and five paces tall, and are brutally savage. Over millions of cycles, they migrated into many warmer regions. During the selection of the Guardians of the Divine. They primarily lived in the stronghold jungles and mountains of West Hugrak, and their population was over two million.

Aanderith – When a cosmic gamma-ray incursion affected the planet. The small numbers of Nanderith that settled along the coastlines of Hugrak, Fallo, Fijal, Gamall, and Ku mutated into the Aanderith. This metamorphosis caused them to lose their hair and lose muscle mass. Their sudden unprotected skin forced them to take shelter during the daylight in the seas and oceans surrounding them. Over thousands of years, they became intelligent to build structures on land to shield them from the sun’s radiation.

Manderith (Man) – After the primary star went micro-nova, the Manderith appeared with the Fallen Spirits. This race became known as the race of man in the Fall Of Echoes.

Fallen lords

Fallen lord -The nine Fallen lords were chosen by the Fallen lord of lords, Maliebris. They were selected to rule their regional factions for trade and defense. Each Fallen lord is responsible for reporting intelligence to Maliebris and maintaining stronghold villages and temples.

lord Maliebris – The lord of the Fallen lords. This lord rules from the grand temple of Tello deep in the heart of Fallo. Lord Maliebris is the only Fallen lord hosting the blessing of animus liber (Free will). It is a mystery how he obtained this benediction. Before the great fall, Maliebris was designed and represented the emotion of love. During the Nolux war, he served the Father as an Elder Arc General.

lord Annatoss -Lord Annatoss is the eldest of the Arc Spirits. His intelligence and mastery of deception played a critical part in achieving victory against the Nolux. The triumph against the Nolux allowed life capability to propagate and thrive throughout the universe. During the time of the Guardians of the Divine, this lord rules from the Temple of Thena in southern Fijal.

lord Kemo – Lord Kemo is the lord of the Temple of Dran in the far east of Gamall. She is known as the lord of prudence and is gifted with the blessing of Strategy Awareness. This makes her a masterful tactician on the battlefield.

lord Leezar – Known as the lord of life’s final breath. He rules from the Temple of Carth on the southern shores of the Ranean Sea in north Juney. Leezar hides his face in a mammoth ram’s skull to hide his hideous face.

lord Lochmo – This monstrous Fallen lord is known for his cruelty to all adolescents. In his warped mind, he believes he can gain his innocence again from young Manderith’s soul. Lord Lochmo wears a decorated bull skull to hide his extremely appalling face and rules from the Temple of Ves in southern Fijal.

lord Mam – Known as the lord of apathy and shares features of both male and female creatures. Lord Mam rules the Temple of Alm in western Fijal.

lord Navitrix – Lord Navitrix rules the Temple of Jebel in west Juney. Before the fall she was a spirit theoretician of time, space, and the unification of elements

lord Souluxi – The lord Souluxi holds the blessing of judgment . His court is at his Temple of Cobb in central Gamall.

lord Veilal – The lord of Envy Veilal commands the Temple of Trog in south Fallo. Veilal was an Elder Arc Spirit who fought in the Nolux wars and still carries the sight of the Nolux. He was the Fallen lord who created Fay-Trogs to help with his demand for natural resources and trade commodities.

lord Zeebulb – Lord Zeebulb is an elder Arc Spirit that carries the third eyesight of the Nolux. This lord rules the Temple of Rapi in north Fallo and is known as the lord of decay. The blessings of greed and desire were placed on lord Zeebulb. Now, the cosmic Helelk mask calls his rotting spirit.

Arc High Arc Council

The High Arc Council Members were diplomatically selected by the Arc Spirits in accordance to their Illumination realm function.

Aldothan – Arc High Council Spirit of Energy.

Briel – Multi-Dimensional Arc Oracle.

Eltron – Arc High Council Spirit Scribe.

Jabril – Arc High Council Spirit of Heavens.

Labbeth – Arc High Council Spirit of Life.

Rahml – Arc High Council Spirit Representing Life.

Vargil – Arc High Council Spirit Representing Love.

Fallen and Arc Spirits

Fallen Spirits – Were born from various animals across the unstable and fluctuating equator approximately ten thousand cycles before the Arc Spirits’ arrival.

Arc Spirits – Were born from the Manderith after a solar magnetic excursion affecting the planets polar regions.

Almennt – Arc General of south east Gamall.

Caroel – Arc General of coastal Lapi.

Gindril – Arc General of south central Fijal.

Jacreal – Arc General of south central Fijal.

Larml – Arc General of west Kandam.

Richgil – Arc General of defense logistics.

Sungil – Arc General of east Ku.

Topygil – Arc General of south west Fijal.

Vean – Divine Scout and Guardian Mentor.

Revel – Elder Arc General killed during the Nolux war.

Hammier – Arc Infantry Soldier, east Ku.

Phegor – Arc Intelligence Officer, south west Fijal.

Strid – Arc Archer, south central Fijal.

Arc 409 – Arc Infantry west Gamall.

Arc 5150 – Arc Scout Ris.

Elo – Arc Guard Nessa.

Ada – Regent to Leezar lord of Carth.

Bul – Champion of the Temple of Ves.

Creamon – Cobb Fallen Scout.

Ebro – Fallen Captain and champion of the Temple of Dran.

Hecton – Fallen Guard and Champion of the Temple of Cobb

Hepshad – Fallen Champion of the Temple of Trog.

Insaineius – Fallen Infantry of Temple of Carth.

Jot – Fallen Councillor and Champion of the Temple of Jebel.

Kin – Fallen Champion of Rapi.

Ksum-nole – Souluxi’s Fallen Regalia.

Mar – Champion of the Temple of Alm.

Melt – Fallen Sentry Guard and Champion.

Rahrut – Fallen temple Guard at Cobb.

Rash – Fallen Archer for the Creed of Fallen lord Assassins.

Tife – Fallen Sentry General at the Temple of Tello.

Raptori Wranglers – Fallen herders and trainers of tamed Raptori.

Sqel – Fallen Soldier for the Creed of Fallen lord Assassins.

Yaza – Souluxi’s first Lieutenant at the Temple of Cobb.

The Guardians of the Divine

Guardians of the Divine achievement – Every Guardian is selected by the High Arc Council. They are each selected for their individual morals, virtues, internal light, specialized courses of knowledge, and ordained in the discipline of divine study.

Concuf – Second highest ranked Guardian. He is trained and specializes as a metaphysician and is patient.

Danzay – Highest ranked Guardian. She is trained in Arc frequencies and specializes in music and optimism.

Dinhu – she specializes in herbalism and healing.

Huja – He specializes in architecture and is arrogant.

Inshot – He is specializes in geologist.

Lisam – Adventurous and specializes in astrology.

Nanj – He specializes in architecture.

Shik – He specializes in agriculture.

Stoah – He specializes in diplomacy.

Trisch – Third highest ranking Guardian. He specializes in agriculture and uses logic to understand the world.

Trosa – She specializes in education and communication.

Humanoid Characters

Ah-who – Nah Warrior and member of the Arcane Descent Gild.

Aksum – Escaped slave working at an Ale-hut at the village of Sandin.

Alis – Diplomat from Alp in the North East Middle land of Fijal.

Amanpreet – Diplomat from Lothal in the lands of Ku.

Aymer – Elder member at village of Beryl.

Crow – Guide assigned to the Guardian’s of the Divine for the region of Fijal.

Dalene – Trisch’s best friend and wife.

ElDotro – Politician from the village of Grep.

General Quan – General of the east Dreki forces and co-founder of the Untamed Sin.

Hasin – Diplomat from Anatolia East Middle lands of Gamall

Hud – Bounty hunter for the Arcane Descent Gild

Jeki – Headhunter and bounty hunter for the Arcane Descent Gild.

Krone – Captain of security at Rabuk.

Magjeret – Member of the Untamed Sin

Mary – Child caretaker at the North Bastion of Solace.

Mast – Owner of the Ale-Hut at the village of Sandin.

Master Ukita – Manderith leader of Dreki.

Meelik – Husband to Danzay highest ranking Guardian of the Divine.

Trish’s Mother – Lives within the tribes of central Fijal.

Weald – Diplomat from the Kahookia waterways in the Midlands of Trie.

Yen – Diplomat from Sunn in the region of Dreki.

Fallen Children

Fallen Children – Created by the Fallen lords. Fallen Child are hybrids of different animals in the Light and Dark realm. Their DNA can be fused together using up to six lifeforms to produce unnatural monstrosities.

Arib – Small gargoyle type creature created by lord Souluxi that roams in the Arcs underground caverns.

Behemoths – Large aquatic monsters that are capable of swallowing up to twenty paced long sea vessels.

Borealis – Half horse and Aanderith, these creatures are used to transport trade quickly.

Cy-Tillian – Large venomous snake beast that guards the Fay-Trog pits.

Fay-Trogs – Standing between three and four paces tall and are covered with red and orange fur. They were created by Veilal in the Temple of Trog and used as slaves to dig for underground minerals, graves and Manderith slave pits. This creature is a mix of badger, fox, poison frog, and skunk.

Konito – Kamoto dragon half-breed trained to fight in the battle arena at Tello.

Livyatan – Largest fallen child ever created by a Fallen lord. Lives off the shores of Jerank in the Ranean Sea.

Lurc – Water creature to feed off unsuspecting passers on the Mog waters. This child is always hungry and is very stealthy catching her prey.

Polie – Beast that fights in the fighting pits.

Quailu – This rapid breading lake monster feeds off Arc and Manderith in the northwest Mog waters

Raptoris – Four paced tall horde running birdlike lizards that have a venomous bite.

Sand Cats – Sixteen pace long, nocturnal, and blind cats that live within the Sands of Felfur.

Sandweller – Two pace long poisonous sand worms.

Scribbles – Made from Aanderith, Manderith, and primate. This creature is very frail, but highly intelligent. They are used to assist with Fallen blessings and benedictions.

Shi-Shinsei – Mysterious Fallen Child lurking in the bamboo forests of Dreki.

Spidowl – Large flying owl beast used for abducting enemies.

Urka – Fallen Mammoth Bear bred to be ferociously savage and have endless hunger.

Vermis – Hairless Fallen beast that guards the trade routes in north Gamall.

Yurei-Kyameru – Long necked animals the Nah fight on in the fighting pits.

Companion and Domesticated Animals

Black-Glyptotherium – Large and heavy armored animals ridden by the Trie plain Natives

Baffaloes – Strong animals ridden by Trie plain Natives.

Card – Male Cardinal trained by the Arcs at the North Bastion and looked after by Huja.

Giant Megalonyx – Large animals ridden by the South Rign Tribes.

Gingin – Canine trained by Vean to assist with tracking.

Horses – Used for quick travel in plain regions.

Mules – Bread to travel with passengers or cargo over back country or rough terrain.

Postrich – Large running birds able to carry Manderith.

Polir Bears – Domesticated by the Eskimanderith.

Vesper – Fallen Spirit Ada’s cat.


Arcane Descent Gild – Group of bounty hunter available to the highest bidder.

Creed of Fallen lord Assassins – Assassins offering their lives to defeat the Fallen lords.

Untamed Sin – Small group of mercenaries used for extractions and assassinations.

Kingdoms, Clans, and Tribes.

Dreki Plain Warriors – Many different tribes living in peace through Dreki.

Eastern Tartiarea Raiders – Skilled archers and horse riders of Tartiarea

Eskimanderith Clan – Lonesome people living in the arctic climate of Beau.

Kahookia Tribe – Peaceful people from central Trie.

Lapetians – Race of Aanderith located on southern Lapi.

Maleshians Island Cannibals – Many different clans and tribes on Zea.

Mu Warriors – Powerful Manderith army from Meu, Rign, and Zea.

Sai-duka – Large red haired Manderith of western Trie.

Sheeth Aborigines – Manderith cave dweller’s and hunters of Sheeth.


Beau – Snow covered land, located north of Trie. Home of the tribes of the Eskimanderith.

Crat – Green mountains cover this northwestern region above Trie

Dreki – Far east land located on the Marlris Ocean. Most populated region with over two million Manderith.

Fijal – Fourth most populated region. Located east of Lapi and north of Gamall. Home of many different tribes that include the Kahookia, Dela, kee, and Sai-duka.

Fallo – Third most populated region. Located in between Gamall and Juney.

Gamall – Second most populated region south of Fijal and east of Ku. Most populated Village is Cobb.

Hugrak – Located south of Juney and surrounded by the seas of Death and Deth. Largest population of Nanderith over four million. Largest Manderith Village is Trog.

Juney – Surrounded by the Sea of Deth and Ranean Sea.

Ku – Sixth most populated region, but is largest in size. Many factions of Manderith stand united and at peace.

Kumari – Large land mass located south of Ku. Many shrines of the Aanderith remain.

Lapi – Region is surrounded by the Talantic Ocean. Southern Lapi is home of the Aanderith Lapetians warriors.

Mornar – Frozen tundra northeast of Fijal.

Meu – Long land mass surrounded by the Marlris Ocean and Lalo-Maugamu Ocean. Many Tribes and clans as spread out across this long land mass.

Rign – Rainforest land south of Trie. Home of may tribes known as the south region.

Sheeth – Located south east of Ku and has very few Manderith settlements.

Trie – Forest lands covered with many tribes and clans of Manderith. Region is located west of Lapi.

Tartiarea – Vast open plains area located north of Ku and west of Dreki.

West Kandam Islands – Cluster of islands between Kumari and Hugrak.

Zea – Long stretch of land south of Meu and rests on the Lalo-Maugamu Ocean. Many Maleshians Island Cannibals roam this land.

Arc Strongholds

North Bastion of Solace – Underground hidden fortress, located in northern Lapi.

Southern Bastion of Obelisk – Hollowed-out mountain fortress in the isolated land of Airta.

Tri-Arc Citadel of Ris – Forward command post of the Arc forces, located at the twin villages of Ris.

Fallen Temples

Alm – Lord Mam rules this temple as it displays a symbol of a purple mulberry branch. This agender lord commands 30,000 Fallen Soldiers in the lands of west Fijal.

Carth – Located on the southern Ranean Sea this temple is ruled by Leezar and has 25,000 Fallen Spirits to command. The temples symbol is a rams head and the flag color is blood red.

Cobb – Ruled by lord Souluxi, the lord of judgment. Its symbol is an olive branch and the temple flies black flags. It is located in central Gamall and has population over 50,000 Fallen Spirits.

Dran – Lord Kemo rules this temple. The symbol is the lion with five lines and the flag color is yellow. The temple is located close to the Stalhat River and is at a strategic position for the Fallen forces. The temple has a population of 40,000 Fallen Spirits.

Jabi – Planed temple to push the Arc forces further to the east into Ku.

Jebel – Temple is ruled by Navitrix and it overlooks the Talantic Ocean in west Juney. She commands 30,000 Fallen Spirits and 75,000 Nah soldiers. The flag color is blue and the symbol is of an ocean wave.

Rapi – Located in north Fallo and on the Ranean Sea. This temple is ruled by lord Zeebulb and has the symbol of a Pyramid. The flag colors are Gold and Gray. Zeebulb has 25,000 Fallen soldiers ready serve their lords.

Tello – The Grand Temple of the lord of Fallen lords Maliebris. Located Southeastern Fallo on the Gulf of Owin. The temple’s symbol is the locust and the village color is clear diamond. Population of the temple grounds has 200,000 Fallen Spirits.

Thena – Ruled by lord Annatoss on the shores of Elif cove in southern Fijal. This temple has 25,000 Fallen Spirits to serve their lord. Green is the temple’s flag color and has the symbol is an owl.

Trog – Located in central Fallo on the Serpent Waters. This temple has the symbol of a fish and eagle. Brilliant scarlet red flags surround the temple grounds and is ruled by Elder lord Veilal. His Fallen Spirit army is 30,000 strong.

Ves – This temple is located in southern Fijal and is ruled by lord Lochmo. The symbol is of the bull and has the flag colors of blood orange with black trim. The temple of Ves has 25,000 Fallen Spirits ready to defend it.

Villages and Settlements

Alp – Village northern rim of the Alp mountains.

Anatolia – Large traders village in eastern Gamall.

Bavka – River colony located at the northern source of the Stalhat.

Beryl – Winery settlements located at the far west Fijal.

Billis – North west colony in Fijal.

Bug Casbah – The only Fay-Trog village.

Eda – Large rice farming community in the region of Dreki. Home Village of General Quan.

Grep – Village on the Alp river pass, west of the Alp mountain gap.

Hawkmoon – Arc hidden colony located in the forests west of Oxi.

Hiki – Many farming and traders villages in northern Hugrak.

Jabi – Third largest traders village in Ku.

Jerank – Port and traders outpost on eastern shores of Ranean Sea.

Kush – Manderith place of worship village located in east Dreki.

Kutan – Second largest village in Ku. Located on the eastern shores of the Rabian Sea.

Libertas – Fallen outpost southwest of the Mog waters.

Liem – Village west of the Alp mountains.

Manbay – Located at the mouth of the Stalhat River. This critical traders port town is the largest village Ku.

Mount Oly – Located in the southern high elevations of the Alp mountains in Fijal.

Namin – Most populated Nanderith village. Located west Hugrak.

Nessa – Northeast Fijal village, located northwest of Tasil and northwest of Dark Sea.

Neva – Foothill village on the west side of Alp mountain range.

Nuk – Fishing village on northern section of the Mog waters.

Oxi – Major traders village between the Mag and Mog water.

Ply – Northern traders village located on the northern shores of the Talantic Ocean.

Rabuk – Large fishing port and village on the southern Dark sea.

Ris – Located in northwest Fijal the twin village of Ris, sits wrapped by the Colseine River. The Tri-Arc Citadel can be found here along with a population of two hundred fifty thousand Manderith.

Sandin – Large traders village located on the north side of the Sand of Felfur in central Gamall.

Sorat – Farming community planned to be the bread basket of Fijal.

Sunn – Largest trading village in Dreki.

Tangi – Island capital of the east to west barrier island passageway of the Talantic Ocean.

Tasil – Traders Village between the northern Pasian Sea and Dark Sea.

Zepi – Traders village south of the Mag and Mog land gap.

Ocean, Seas, Lakes, and Waterways

Bengal Bay – Large bay in east Ku connecting the Marlris Ocean.

Colseine River – North west river flowing around the twin cities of Ris.

Dark Sea – Waters that connect the Ranean Sea and support thriving fishing villages along its coast.

Elif cove – Bay of on the shores of Thena.

Gulf of Owin – Large Gulf connecting Fallo and Gamall.

Huku Ocean – Southern far east Ocean cradled by Sheeth, Ku, and Meu.

Kahookia waterways – Large river chains in central Trie.

Lalo-Maugamu Ocean – Waters surrounding the south of Meu and the north of Zea.

Mag Waters – Central Gamall Great lake.

Marlris Ocean – Far east Ocean between Dreki, Meu, and Crat.

Mog Waters – Central Gamall Great lake.

Pasian Sea – Sea connected to Dark Sea in east Fijal.

Rabian Sea – Sea surrounded by the regions of Fallo, Ku, Kumari, and Hugrak.

Ranean Sea – Sea surrounded by the regions of Fijal, Juney, Fallo, and Gamall.

Sea of Death – Sea below Hugrak and AirTa.

Sea of Deth – Sea separating Hugrak and Juney.

Stalhat River – Large river dividing Gamall and Ku.

Talantic Ocean – Large ocean between Lapi and Fijal.

Blessings, Charms, and Symbols

Aged Wisdom – Increased knowledge blessing to grant the ability to examine situations and oneself.

Advanced Intellect – A blessing placed on the Fallen lords Vita Circulus that allows greater understanding or mental powers.

Animus Liber – The blessing of Free will, the right to choose ones destiny.

Arc Heart Charm – Arc Spirit heart, brings good fortune to its bearer.

Benediction of Unity – Charm that is capable for holding a blessing for eternal love.

Bound purity – Blessing of an object that manifests its holders innocence.

Elevated Strength – Blessing to greatly increase physical strength.

Guardian’s Sword – Golden sword containing blessings of bound purity.

Guardian’s Shroud – Cloth allows the ability to see the sins of the heart.

Judgment – A blessing placed on the Fallen lords Vita Circulus that allows the ability to pass judgment.

Nolux Element Collection – Gather the elements created from the Nolux.

Nolux Energy Collection – Gather energy form the Nolux.

Nolux Sight – The capability to see the fundamentals of the Nolux.

Nolux Phase – Ability to temporarily to use the Nolux to travel through the realm of Light and Dark undetected.

Nolux Wind Velocity – The ability to quickly travel unseen within the wind.

Resurrection – This blessing is applied on a Vita Circulus and can only benefit the owner of the artifact.

Stealth – Blessing that permits the passage behind the sight of unfriendly eyes.

Strategy Awareness – Fallen Blessing applied to the owners Vita Circulus. It allows military to except commands from lesser Fallen lords.

Vitality – A blessing placed on the Fallen lords Vita Circulus that improves physical and mental capabilities.

Vita Circulus – Ancient technology artifact that becomes a symbiote to its Spirit Master and allows blessings to be given.


Number of Realms – In the Fall Of Echoes, there are unlimited fractal dimensions theorized to exist.

Illumination – Pure light, love, life, and energy. All life in the universe is created in this realm.

Light and Dark – A physical three dimension reality where light and dark meet to balance love, life, and energy.

Overgrowth – Little is know about this realm during Mythos past.

Penti – Location between time and space in the three dimensional plane

Shadow – Dimensional plane where souls forever rest without creation, life, or love.

Sheol – Transitional dimensions between light and shadow.

Cosmogonic Masks

Mask of Lost Promise – Wearing this mask with a broken heart will bring torment, and evil deeds of rage.

Mask of Maliebris – Used to keep Maliebris’s youthful vigor and increase his life expectancy.

The Mask of Anger – Unknown effects at the time of Mythos past.

The Mask of Decay – Unknown effects at the time of Mythos past.

The Mask of Devour – This mask hangs on Maliebris great hall and is influenced by the mask of Sloth.

The Mask of Fear – Unknown effects at the time of Mythos past.

The Mask of General Quan – Mysterious mask General Quan hides on his him, only he knows what this mask is capable of.

The Mask of Hatred – Unknown effects at the time of Mythos past.

The Mask of Helelk – This mask calls to the Fallen lord Zeebulb, the lord of decay from Maliebris’s chamber. This powerful cosmic mask will eventually consume its host with its undying hunger.

The Mask of Hidden – Hangs on Maliebris’s chamber, not even he would consider trying it on do to it’s potential to send the wearer into the shadow realm.

The Mask of Plague – Unknown effects at the time of Mythos past.

The Mask of Sloth – Unknown evil will be unleashed when this mask is placed on its master.

Weapons and Tools

Arc and Fallen Spirit infantry Swords – Weapons ranging from six to ten pace, usually made of Titanium or Tungsten.

Clarion Horn – High pitched horn used by the Arc to present honor and grace.

Elfin Arc Horn – An entertainment musical instrument played by Manderith at the North Bastion of Solace.

Fallen lords Staff – Each Fallen lord carries their temples unique lords staff.

Fallen Thorn of Rule – Pure metals in the shape of a twisted thorn placed on the top of each Fallen Temple representing their rule.

Harmonic Horn – Musical instruments used to signal the Fallen Spirits.

Horn of illumination – Mythical instrument that is capable of puncturing the Illumination realm.

Sand Timers – Timers used by Arcs and Fallen representing the measurement of time.

Fallo Shofari Horn – Infantry war instrument used by Manderith or Nanderith.

Spirit Bow and Arrows – Long and short range weapons. Four to eight pace projectiles that are made of metals, glass, or stone.

Symphonic Horn – Musical instruments used to signal the Arc Spirits.