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Authors Rayn & Owens began to create the Fantasy world of the Fall of Echoes when Owens was six years old. Rayn & Owens never intended or thought this would ever become a book for public eyes. Rayn’s original intention was only to keep a written journal of all of Owens’s childhood stories. So one day, when Owens was older he could enjoy them with his children. For years, Rayn sat back with open ears and diligently attempted to record Owens’s uncontaminated imagination.

Then 2020 happened; Owens became a homeschooled student, and Rayn became his teacher. For his English assignments and writing practice, Owens would spend hours and hours crafting interesting characters, world-building, and short stories explaining his philosophical queries. Before they knew it, a storytelling roadmap was born.

After four years and thousands of hours of writing and writing, Rayn & Owens created an entire universe that stretches across time and space of the Fall of Echoes universe. They welcome you to their first epic fantasy novel, The Guardians Of The Divine, with many more books on the way.

Rayn Owens invite you to join us on our mission.

We believe our personal story and the novels of ‘Fall of Echoes’ will be an inspiration for parents and entertain young adults with virtuous meanings that will affect their lives in a positive way.

Stories serve so many purposes in our lives. Stories are about so much more than just reading or listening. They are instrumental in cognitive, social, and emotional development. Research shows that reading expressive fantastical writing. Help us deal with stressful and traumatic events. It can even provide a positive impact on the reader’s mental health.

Amidst the social, economic, and environmental challenges our world faces today, the authors of The Fall Of Echoes felt the need to contribute to a global consciousness of old-fashioned storytelling. Stories that carry significant life lessons and deliver virtuous messaging to their readers. Our intentions are to convey hope through storytelling for readers of all levels.

Soon we will offer, when you sign-up to our newsletter we will provide you with The Fall Of Echoes comprehension workbook free of charge. Each chapter in the workbook reviews story questions, vocabulary, and what would you do questions.

We hope our mission inspires you to pass our message along to others and we would love to have you apart of our family.

Mythos:Past Chronicle: one – The Guardians Of The Divine can be purchased here. eBook: