Welcome to the official site of the Fall Of Echoes book series. This site will provide the details needed to become a scholar in the realm of the light and dark. When the Fall Of Echoes storyline is complete, it will consist of nine books concluding the main storyline and many other supplementary stories. When each book is released, you will find new characters and their details exclusively on this site. The Fall Of Echoes has a lot of twists and turns, and everything is not what it seems.

Available: The Guardians Of The Divine. Ebook: Buy here. Paperback: Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble. Audiobook: Kobo.

Available: Judgments Wrath. Ebook: Amazon. Paperback: Amazon. Audiobook: Kobo.

Cover The Guardians Of The Divine

The Guardians Of The Divine (Book 1)

When an innocent 6-year-old boy named Trisch is scourging for food. He finds himself hunted and eventually abducted from his small village by a mysterious creature. His life is propelled into a strange magical Eden, where legendary angelic creatures hide and await to offer their wisdom. Trisch soon begins training as a member of the Guardians of the Divine to deliver their dogmatic divinity to all the inhabitants of the realm of Light and Dark.

Judgements Wrath cover

Judgments Wrath

(Book 2)

War’s shadow encompasses the realm of light and dark. The Arc’s forces show signs of crumbling under the relentless attacks from the Fallen lord’s armies. In a desperate move, the High Arc Council requests Trisch and the Guardians lead a desperate mission deep into the Fallen lands. To retrieve an artifact that could cause an uncontrollable plague resulting in the world’s end and Judgments Wrath.

Oblivion's Call cover

Oblivion’s Call

(Book 3 – Coming Soon!)

Evil is everywhere; death, destruction, and deceit signal Judgment day has arrived in the realm of light and dark. Despite any progress, the Arc Spirits have gained on the battlefield. Hope fades in the mists of the Fallen lords. Unable to defeat the Fallen by armed conflict and without a choice. The Guardians and their allies make a last-ditch effort to unite the world and bring peace to the realm. But, unknowingly, the price they must pay for their nefarious plans will remove their divinity and bring about Oblivion’s Call.

Shadows Of The Forsaken (Book 4 – Coming Soon!)

William Kanak and his family led an ordinary life until his mother’s spirit departed her body. In her last will, William learned he was the beneficiary of an undisclosed house in the mountains. Their curiosity gets the better of them, and they elect to take a vacation to this mysterious house on the river. Soon, his family experiences delusions, spectral apparitions, night terrors, uncontrollable love, and wrathful rage. With hope, faith, and trust in rapid decay, is the Kanak family strong enough to survive the Shadows of the Forsaken.

Destinies Harvest (Book 5 – Coming Soon!)

Desolation Of The Fallen lords (Book 5 – Coming Soon!)