The High Arc Council assembly is necessary for the Arcs to enact any order due to their lack of free will. Every decision they make must be by the council’s agreement. Each member can be identified by their aura colors that still remain from the light realm. They are very naive and lack experience and wisdom in the realm of Light and Dark.

Spirit of Love

Vargil card

Name: Vargil

Arc Spirit High Council Assignment: Unity
Known as: Spirit of Love
Aura Color: Blue
Born: Manderith Lapi
Before Fall Virtue Role: Peace
Skill: Pass tranquility to others

Transcends: Anger and Cruelty

Rahml card

Name: Rahml

Arc Spirit High Council Assignment: Integrity
Known as: Spirit of Life
Aura Color: Pink
Born: Manderith Fijal
Before Fall Virtue Role:Spirit Guide
Skill: Master of the Fathers word

Transcends: Corruption

Arc Oracle

Breil card

Name: Briel

Spirit High Council Assignment: Graciousness
Known as: Arc Oracle
Aura Color: Purple
Born: Manderith Juney
Before Fall Virtue Role: Helpfulness
Skill:Ability to Influence Dreams

Transcends: Negativity

Spirit of Energy

Aldothan card

Name: Aldonthan

Arc Spirit High Council Assignment:Orderliness
Known as: Spirit of Energy
Aura Color: Gray
Born: Manderith Dreki
Before Fall Virtue Role: Purity
Skill: Dissectologist

Transcends: chaos

Spirit of Heavens

Jabril card

Name: Jabril

Arc Spirit High Council Assignment: Inspire Awe
Known as: Spirit of Heavens
Aura Color: Gold
Born: Manderith Tartiarea
Before Fall Virtue Role: Faith
Skill:Instills confidence in others Transcends: Doubt

Spirit of Light

Labbeth card

Name: Labbeth

Arc Spirit High Council Assignment: Moral Guide
Known as: Spirit of Light
Aura Color: White
Born: Manderith Trie
Before Fall Virtue Role: Trust
Skill: Give hope to others

Transcends: Negativity

Arc Scribe

Eltron card

Name: Eltron

Spirit High Council Assignment: Perseverance
Known as: Arc Scribe
Aura Color: Brown
Born: Manderith Hugrak
Before Fall Virtue Role: Recorder
Skill: Enhanced Memory

Transcends: Laziness

Every High Arc Spirit is introduced in Mythos: Past Chronicle: one – The Guardians Of The Divine. eBook: Paperback: