The Manderith arrived with the Fallen Spirits during the great fall. Unlike the Fallen, they were born from the Aanderith. The genetic mutations of the Manderith almost pushed the Aanderith to their extinction. Through the 10,000 cycles they shared with the Fallen, they sought freedom from the tyranny of Fallen lords. Spread out across the harsh globe to find refuge. They were able to establish thousands of villages across the land. However, the Manderith were never able to unite due to their lack of guidance and leadership.

Meelik card

Meelik is a pure spirit brought to the North Bastion of Solace when he was only two cycles old. His mother and father abandoned him in the barley fields of Bavka when the Stalhat River flooded their village. After living fifteen cycles at the North Bastion of Solace, he finally charmed the love of his life into marrying him. Danzay and Meelik were married in the great High Arc Hall on Danzay’s nineteenth birthday.

Skill: Carpenter

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 1)

Aksum card

Aksum grew up as a slave working at the Temple of Cobb. At the age of fifteen he found a way to escape. He found his limited freedom across the sands of Felfur working for a local Ale hut.

Skill: Bravery

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 1)

Eldotro card

Eldotro is a wealthy trader in south Fijal. He is a powerful council member in the village of Grep. He enjoys showing his wealth and power, but is very likable.

Skill: Politician

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 1)

Crow card

Crow is an travelers escort for the regions of Fijal, Mornar, Beau, Trie, and Tartiarea. He is very friendly, but will always stick to the traveling schedule.

Skill: Wilderness Guide

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 1)

Members of the Untamed Sin

General Quan card

General Quan is one of the founders and leader of the Untamed Sin special operations team. He is from Eda in the far east region of Dreki. He was granted General status by the North Temple of Kush for eradicating a demon, so which he thinks.

Skill: Wisdom, Leadership

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 2)

Vayla card

Vayla is a countess to the leader of Manbay. Growing up she trained as a hassan archer became a formidable shot. After the siege of her village, she was placed under General Quan supervision and is a member of the Untamed Sin.

Skill: Trustworthy, Archery

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 2)

Magjeret card

Magjeret is the newest member of the Untamed Sin. He was a soldier in the Bavka defense army when the Fallen lord Kemo sent her Fallen soldiers to acquire the village. After his village was lost he became an intelligence officer for the Arcs army.

Skill: Close combat and Defense

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 2)

Arcane Descent Gild

Bounty hunter for central Gamall. Works for the Arcane Descent Gild.

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 2)

Hud card

Bounty hunter for north east Hugrak. Works for the Arcane Descent Gild.

Introduced: (Mythos: Past Chronicle: 2)

Many more Manderith will be posted soon.

The race of the Manderith are introduced in Mythos: Past Chronicle: one – The Guardians Of The Divine. eBook: and Paperback: